About Us

Let us build a Healthy Community

Together we can solve some very important issues by taking responsibility and by working with the communities we live and work.
We take pride of our facility we manage and maintain. We host volunteer program to link the company interests to the needs of the community. We help build mutually relationships with local organizations. These interactions help us show our community what we do and how we do it. We also conduct regular safety observations of our employees with timely feedback.
Our employees are valued and understand how their contribution impact our business goals. We believe in employment standards and practices of equal opportunity to help us achieve a workforce that represents our consumers and the community where we work and live.

Our Water Quality

Eva Agua goes through filtration and disinfection processes to meet high standards of quality. This state of the art water quality management process requires professional knowledge and precision. Our clientele, our community expect quality bottled water, and Eva Agua is here to provide it.

Eva Agua is a part of Techni-Pro, which means we also hold Techni-Pro corporate steadfast business principles at the heart of our company. Our principles reflect the basic ideas of leadership, trust, personal responsibility, honesty, commitment, high quality assurance, pride, fairness and a concern for individuals, family and society at large. Techni-Pro Principles are Eva Agua Principles.

Commitment of the Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Techni-Pro Corporate Business Principles are at the basis of our company’s culture, which has developed over the span of 27 years. I have built Techni-Pro on the fundamental principles: long term success in compliance with all applicable legal requirements and ensure that all activities are sustainable and have significant value to society. We believe in the importance of a strong compliance culture that is fully embedded in Techni-Pro: Techni-Pro Touch. Our steadfast principles are applied across the entire company. We are committed to continuous improvement, making sure that Techni-Pro is managed according to these principles and require adherence to them from all our employees.

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